Nunavut Culture

Nunavut Culture

There are 25 different communities of Inuit people in Nunavut in Northern Canada. The Nunavut is a Native Canadian indian tribe of people that have inhabited Nunavut for several thousand years.

The Nunavut people have their own unique culture. The Nunavut culture is very unique in Canada, and not found anywhere else in the entire world. The Inuit people maintain a traditional way of life even in the twenty first century.

Nunavut Language

Inuinnaqtun and Inuktitut are the 2 most commonly spoken forms of the native Inuit language in Nunavut. These 2 languages are the most protected languages in Canada. Inuit is considered 1 of Canada’s aboriginal languages, and guarantees Inuit people will have public services and private services conducted in their native language, as needed. The Nunavut people also speak English and French in their culture. In the Inuktitut language, Nunavut means “our land” & Inuit” means “the people.”

Although spoken language is important the Intuit culture also relies heavily on body language. Raising 2 eyebrows traditionally means yes & there isn’t a native Inuit word for yes.



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