We’ve Finally Found The Stupidest Grounds For Divorce

We’ve Finally Found The Stupidest Grounds For Divorce

Some crazy woman is blaming a plate of peas for her divorce.

A source at Al Arabiya News reported this week that a woman from Kuwaiti that is a newlywed has filed for divorce only 1 week into her marriage, when she discovered that her new husband prefers to use his bread, rather than using a fork, to eat his peas. This news source is not a satire news source, it is a legit news source.

According to the Al Arabiya News, the Kuwaiti woman accusing her eating utensil challenged spouse, of poor table manners & said that her husbands method of eating peas was a “shocking sight.”

This is not the 1st odd food related grounds for divorce that we have seen recently. In 2012 an article by the New York Times, was written regarding England’s fault based divorce system. The focus was on a family court case, that claimed a man was divorcing his wife because she had “maliciously & repeatedly” served him his least favorite meal, tuna casserole.

I don’t know about you, but there must be something in the water, it can’t just be the food.



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