Dealing with Divorce

Dealing with Divorce

Would You Stand By Your Man?

He Admits He Had A Relationship…

Only if you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months would you not know what that means.

Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, has finally admitted that he indeed did have a ‘relationship’ with Monica Lewinsky.

May we hear something we didn’t already know?

The sad fact is that seeking the truth has taken up so much time in a world that has better things to do.

Why Does Hillary Stay?

It’s easy for the rest of us to say what we would do if he were our husband. Of course we’d teach him a lesson for humiliating us in public! Of course we’d not stand for such behavior! Of course we wouldn’t let him get away with it again.

It’s very easy for us to say because he’s not our husband and it’s not our life that would be forever changed by whatever actions we took.

The plain facts are, many wives are denying to themselves their husbands affairs; it’s a survival technique for them. They’re not ready to make a decision that will change their lives.

It’s Hillary’s life, and her decision. And, from all current signs, she is going to stand by her man.

She has been married to this man for a long time. She’s a very smart woman. Can anyone possibly think she hasn’t had to come to terms with his behavior before this incident?

Not the First Marriage to be Tested…

Is it the office or the man? Bill Clinton is not the first president to embarrass his wife this way. Today, these activities are not hidden from the press. Sex sells newspapers, magazines, and television ads. So much the better if the person accused is entrusted with political power.

Not the Last Word But I’d Like to Move On…

Now that he has admitted he lied under oath, wouldn’t it be nice to get past this ugliness and get on to more important matters? It won’t happen, of course, because this is too hot to drop. Again, sex sells.

It’s too bad that Monica Lewinsky actually believed something permanent might come from her involvement with Bill Clinton. How naive can a young girl be? Or did she have a hidden agenda? No doubt she has achieved more fame (and future fortune?) than she would have had she never been a player in this sex drama.

It’s too bad that Chelsea Clinton has to witness this less than perfect side of her father.

It’s too bad that Hillary has to, once again, hold her head up and smile when perhaps she’d rather kick him in the family jewels.

But it’s their saga, a mirror of the sagas being played out with different characters but similar emotions in families throughout the world. Men who cheat and the women who stand by them, heads up, crying inside.

No one ever said marriage was going to be easy.



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