An App Teens Love that Parents Need to Monitor

An App Teens Love that Parents Need to Monitor

Cyber Crime Expert Sedgrid Lewis says that there are currently 4 major apps that teens are using, and shares why parents need to monitor them closely.

A recent study that was recently conducted, showed that 58% of all teens between the ages of 12-17 have downloaded apps to their  cell phones. The new generation of kids love to communicate through their cell phones, whether it be talking, texting, or apps. The movement away from desktops to laptops has become problematic. The rise of sexting, bullying, prostitution, and drug use are taking place over third party mobile apps. Apps have become the new way for teens to engage in at risk behavior unbeknownst to their parents.

Here is the hottest downloaded and used app currently being used by teenagers. Why do teens love it and why parents should monitor this app.

Snap Chat:  Snapchat gives users the ability to send images and videos to their friend. The user sending the image or video can place a time limit on how long the person receiving the image or video can view it. Kinda like a James Bond secret transmission, the image or video then self destructs after the set time limit (it actually just disappears).

Snapchat is being used in this day and age for sexting. Teens often send nude snaps of themselves to others because of the self destruct timer that they can set. But little do teens know, Forensic experts have found that the snaps can easily be recovered. Due to the countless number of nude snaps, porn sites have popped up over the internet to take advantage of this free content. This app is also being used for cyber bullying with the app. Monitor what your child does, be a good parent.



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