Easy Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners and much more

Easy Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners and much more

Free Online Guitar Lessons
Learning to play the guitar to a very high level can take years. But if you are a beginner guitar player, you can learn to play guitar on this website for free. But I will warn you there are no easy ways to master this instrument. You must practice hard to become a great guitar player.

Remember, you won’t be able to learn everything on a guitar in one sitting; bookmark this site (CNTRL+D) and come back when you want to learn something new.

Your fingers will be sore
There is no way around it, if you want to learn how to play the guitar there is going to be some pain involved, especially if you are just starting out. Your fingers will hurt until you develop callouses. This can take some time and the only way to develop them is to play on a regular basis. Every day, every second day or every third day depending on how fast you want to learn and how busy of a person you are.

I personally wouldn’t recommend only playing once a week, as you are bound to lose the callouses or not build them up fast enough to keep yourself motivated. In the beginning you may only be able to play 5 – 10 minutes until your fingers get sore. If you have to take a break because you fingers are sore, do it. Keep in mind if you stick with it this won’t always be the case.

Maybe some day you will come back to this page as a senior citizen who plays old blues on his porch or whatever people will be sitting around on in the future and you will be like “Aha – he was right, I finally have callouses!” But I guarantee you if you practice everyday, it won’t take that long. Aim for at least 30 minute sessions when you are starting out. You’ll know when your really making progress when your fingerprints start to disappear, which happens to people who play alot.

The Most Important Guitar Lesson You Will Ever Learn
Be patient and don’t get frustrated. Learning to play guitar can be a long process. If you stay patient and practice you will improve eventually even if it feels like you aren’t. Always remember this, “The slower you go, the faster you will get there”.

This site takes the nitty gritty approach – note by note, chord by chord, no stone left unturned. If you ever get frustrated when you see someone amazing playing ask them how long it took them to gain their skill. Like anything worth learning it takes gumption and it takes time. But you can learn tonnes with these free online guitar lessons!



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