New insights into sleeping disorder narcolepsy

New insights into sleeping disorder narcolepsy

Dr. Agatston is not a nutritionist or diet doctor. He’s a cardiologist and created this diet for his own patients, people with cardiac and diabetic problems. The diet worked for them and became so popular that many people became interested and wanted to give it a try.

Part One

Part One of the book helps you to understand the diet, and how and why it works. Unlike the Atkins diet, and others, it’s not a low-carb diet or low-fat diet. Instead, it’s a good-carb, good-fat diet based on the glycemic index of foods . In fact, it isn’t really a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle change, a change in the way you look at food. It’s a simple way to eliminate sugar and greasy food cravings and develop a liking and desire for healthy, nutritional foods.

Part Two

Part Two of the book is filled with menu plans and recipes. Although there are exact menu plans for those who want to follow them, there are also lists of foods to enjoy and foods to avoid. You can eat anything from the Foods to Enjoy lists without worrying about measuring or counting calories. The South Beach Diet is divided into three phases. Phase One is a bit restrictive, although I didn’t find it unduly so. Some foods you love may be prohibited, such as breads and fruit. However, that lasts, usually, about only a week. In Phase Two you begin to gradually add back a few of these foods but in moderation until you reach your goal weight. Phase Three is the maintenance phase. Of course, you still have to watch what you eat, but you have a much greater choice, and, by this time, with your cravings gone or greatly reduced, you don’t miss all that sugar and grease bad-carb/bad-fat food.

My Experience

I can talk about the South Beach Diet personally. I joined three weeks ago. The first week, I lost a grand total of six pounds! I did gain a lot of that back though because it was mostly water build-up. But since then I’ve lost, and kept off, those six pounds, and that was through a birthday and my son’s wedding reception. And I don’t feel the least deprived. I feel good and I’m proud of my success. Give it a try. If you don’t like it, you can quit, of course, but I have a feeling you will find it works for you and you’ll learn to eat wisely.

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