Exercise For Beginners

Exercise For Beginners

Learn how to get started on your exercise program from your About.com Exercise Guide.

Beginning an exercise program is confusing, at best. Whatever your goal is, the links below will help you get started. Find out what to wear, how to set goals, how to set up a complete program and more.
Getting Started

Getting Medical Clearance to Exercise
Proper Clothing and Footwear
Where to Exercise:
At the Gym:
Find a Gym
Deal With Gym Intimidation
Navigating the Gym
Gym Etiquette
At Home:
Best Home Fitness Equipment
Favorite Things for Home Exercise
Before You Buy Home Exercise Equipment
Helpful Fitness Tools, Websites and Gear
Set Your Goals
Tracking Your Progress
Setting Up Your Program

Cardiovascular Exercise
Strength Training
Setting up a Complete Program
Proper Nutrition
Nutrition for Exercise and Weight Loss
Free Programs to Help You Get Started

30-Day Quick Start Exercise Guide
Getting in Shape With Exercise
6 Weeks to Fitness for Absolute Beginners
12 Weeks to Weight Loss
Beginner Workouts

Beginner Ball Workout
Total Body for Beginners
Total Body for Beginners 2
Total Body for Beginners 3
Total Body Strength for Seniors
Strength Training for Obese People
Interval Training for Beginners
Beginner Cardio – Walking and Cycling
Running for Beginners



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