This Is What Depression Really Feels Like

This Is What Depression Really Feels Like

Many people have temporary sadness and dissatisfaction with their life, but there is a big difference between temporary, and the  desperation that is depression. It can really suck if you do not feel that you fit in, at school or even with your coworkers, but that is not depression.

Understanding what mental illnesses are, and as we continually become more and more educated who they effect, we learn a lot more about how different the disease of depression is. There are currently too many doctors misdiagnosing ADHD., and now they are even diagnosing people as clinically depressed if they have a bad day. All of these kinds of things are desensitizing us to, actual mental illnesses. The public and doctors need to stop diagnosing people unless they are certain that the diagnosis is correct.

Everyone has good days, and everyone has bad days, but depression is defined as severe despondency and dejection, felt over a period of time & accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. That is a big difference from temporary sadness and dissatisfaction with your life. Being clinically depressed is not when you are feeling sad that day. Depression is a lack of the chemical serotonin in the brain.

We as a community need to realize the severity of mental disorders, and not label or misdiagnose people that are just having a bad day. This actually hurts the people that are actually depressed.

If your bad day turn into weeks, which then turn into months, consult your doctor, but please don’t  think that you are clinically depressed because of one bad day.



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