Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer

Why Everyone Seems to Have Cancer

We are currently losing the war against cancer. On New Year’s day the government publishes a Report to the Nation about the Status of Cancer.

50 years ago, a person was more likely to die from heart disease, than from cancer. Today the odds are almost 50-50 between dying from heart disease or cancer.

Scientists and doctors are battling the disease known as cancer everyday. They are constantly testing and are even successful at finding ways to beat cancer in children and patients in their prime, but are still losing the war when it comes to elderly patients with cancer.

Scientists and many others believe that if we fund enough money and determination, into cancer research, that science will reduce the cancer mortality rate.

The cancer mortality rate has actually decreased in recent years, but because of the baby boomers, death itself is on the rise.

The reason that it seems that everyone has cancer, is because the average life expectancy a decade ago was 55, now that number has risen to 79, and is allowing more baby boomers to reach the ages that cancer effects most.



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