The ultimate guide to buying insurance on

The ultimate guide to buying insurance on

Confused about buying Obamacare? We’re here to help.

The Obamacare deadline of Dec. 24 has arrived. All Americans are now expected to purchase insurance coverage at On Jan. 1st we are all expected to have insurance and with now working for most — but not all of the site yet – people have lots of questions about how to actually make an educated, successful insurance purchase. The guide below will tell you what you need to know.
If you would like to buy health insurance through You still can.
The cutoff date was December 23rd, but the White House extended the deadline to December 24.

First and foremost are you eligible to shop on

This answer comes down to two questions:

  • Are you an actual legal resident of the United States of America?
  • Are you in Jail?

If you answered yes to question number 1, and no to question number 2, then you qualify. You may shop for your health insurance needs on the website. If you currently receive insurance from your job, however, you may not qualify for financial assistance. You can still purchase coverage through if you are willing to pay the entire premium of the insurance quote.

You can proceed in quite a few different ways from this point.

  • You may visit the website and shop on your own.
  • You could also track down a local navigator, whose job it is to help you shop for insurance coverage.
  • You can find a directory. Shoppers can also contact a call center or submit a paper application.

Should I apply online, on paper or in person?

If you feel confident navigating the website on your own, you can try using on your own.
If you think you might need a little help understanding your potential options, a navigator could be the right choice for you, or even the call center.



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