How to find the health insurance plan that’s right for you

How to find the health insurance plan that’s right for you

Are you looking for the right health insurance plan for you. Find a Health Insurance plan at The Health Insurance Marketplace from the US Government, has the coverage for you.

Top things to know about choosing a health insurance plan
Top 5 things to consider before choosing a health insurance plan:

  • Your choice of category will affect how much your premium costs each month, & the portion of the bill you are required to pay for hospital visits or prescription medications.
  • Health Insurance Plans in all of the available categories offer the same set of ten essential health benefits and the health insurance categories don’t reflect the quality of care the plans provide.
  • When making your choice of health insurance plan, Remember that the lower the premium, the higher the out-of-pocket costs will be when care is provided; the higher the premium, the lower the costs to you when you need care.
  • Take into consideration the health care needs of your entire household, when you consider which insurance plan to buy for your family.
  • If you currently cannot afford health insurance, you might get lower costs on your monthly health insurance premium. You may also qualify for lower copay costs, coinsurance, and deductibles.

The Health Insurance Marketplace at is the new way to buy health insurance. At the Health Insurance Marketplace, there are 5 categories of health insurance plans. Each category is based on how you and the plan can afford to share the costs of health care.

Bronze Health Insurance Marketplace Plan: Your plan pays 60% of the costs and you pay 40% of the costs.
Silver Health Insurance Marketplace Plan: Your plan pays 70% of the costs and you pay 30% of the costs.
Gold Health Insurance Marketplace Plan: Your plan pays 80% of the costs and you pay 20% of the costs.
Platinum Health Insurance Marketplace Plan: Your plan pays 90% of the costs and you pay  10% of the costs.
Catastrophic Health Insurance Marketplace Plan: Coverage option if you are under 30 or have very low income.

These sharing figures are approximations, and only apply to sharing to the health insurance plan as a whole. Your costs for individual services can and probably will vary.

There are other options: Medicaid or the CHIP may be available to you, if you qualify. The Health Insurance Marketplace at also offers catastrophic plans to people under 30 years old a& to some people with very low incomes.



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