Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Beginner’s Investment Checklist

Advice from Cyberspace

Whenever you get investment advice (or any advice for that matter), you should always consider it’s source. The Internet has no shortage of free advice, and much of it is worth what you pay for it. The information referenced on this page may be no exception. Much of it is written by the webmaster, who has no special qualifications to offer investment advice or recommendations. The webmaster is old enough to have made some mistakes, and young enough to expect to make many more. The information is offered to stimulate your thinking, and to hopefully help you avoid (or at least knowingly choose) some of the more common mistakes. Consider the questions raised with whatever time and energy you think they are worth. Peter Lynch says you should spend as much time on a $1,000 investment as you would on a $1,000 refrigerator purchase. Most people spend considerably less!! And remember at all times that you are investing¬†YOUR¬†money.



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